The Bubbler System

The Bubbler systems are ideal for level measurement of open channel run off systems or duct and tank situations where debris, foam, steam or surface turbulence makes standard methods of level measurement impractical.

From the simplest float control panels to systems handling multiple, large horsepower, heavy flow pumping systems.

Whether you need variable frequency drives, discrete, analog, or PLC-based systems.

How it works

Compressors charge a compressed air tank. Air from the tank is sent to the bubbler tub through a filtered flow regulating devise and the back pressure in the bubbler tube is measured by a pressure transducer to detect water depth.

The liquid level is read out directly on a level gauge in terms of feet and inches.

The system can include an automatic purging (blow down) system for keeping the bubbler tube clear of blockages using an air solenoid to vent the entire contents of the air tank to the bubbler tube

A double bubbler system can be used to provide valuable flow monitoring information.