Fluidized Bed Control Panel

The Fluidized Bed Panel (FBP) is a stand-alone control system for a Fluidized Bed Combustion chamber.

The system allows for operator or program control of:

  • Burners and Pilots
  • Air Blowers and Exhaust Fans
  • Temperature Set Points
  • Sequences and Timers

The panel was designed in-house at PCI utilizing the latest in automation technology:

  • Rockwell/Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Panelview Touchscreen HMI

Utilizing these programmable devices allowed for the elimination of physical push-buttons and selector switches leading to a cleaner and more user-friendly interface.  Control functions and indications are all handled through the HMI graphics.  Future modifications can be made easily allowing for system expansion.

The current design is intended for use in a paint shop for tool cleaning but can be adapted to other functions that involve burner management and control. This Design is used in automotive paint shops. The FBC is used to remove paint over spray from paint tools and grates.

  • PCI re-deigned using HMI & PLC to control FBC.
  • Integrated Controls into HMI eliminating push buttons and selector switches
  • Temperature set points through HMI interface
  • Alarms, Temperatures trending capabilities.