Process Control Trainer (PCT)

The Process Control Trainer (PCT) is a Mobile Process Control & Instrumentation Trainer. This trainer provides a single platform to facilitate a complete Process Control & Instrumentation Experience including:

  • Pressure and differential pressure measurement for level
  • Temperature: RTD & Thermocouples and Control
  • Flow: Orifice Plate, Pitot tube
  • Flow Control
  • Magmeter flow
  • PID loop tuning
  • I/P Converters: valve
  • PH monitoring
  • PLC configuration
  • RTU: Configuration & Testing

The PCT provides the means with which instrument technicians and students can learn and practice modern, up to date instrument technology as used in water, wastewater, refineries, steel mills, chemical processing operations, and energy utilities as defined by the Great Lakes Process Technology Association (GLPTA).


This PCT provides students with hands-on experience on industry standard equipment. It meets the requirement needed to:

  • Cross-train the new multi-skilled tradesman.
  • Prepare students for a high skill/ high wage occupation in Instrumentation related industrial maintenance.
  • Prepare special populations in competency based on learning experiences that could be used to secure a high skill/ high wage occupation in current and/or emerging professions.
  • Provide students with the experience to upgrade their technical skills in order to stay current in an occupation and/or achieve an advanced level in Industrial Maintenance/Instrumentation.